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How to maintain wood floors


For wood floor maintenance, you can start with these aspects: waterproofing, cleaning methods, maintaining indoor humidity, preventing damage, preventing solid liquids, and regular waxing and maintenance.
Wooden floors are afraid of water, so pay attention to avoid water accumulation, and close doors and windows in rainy days to avoid deformation and bulging caused by rain on the floor.
If you accidentally get wet in heavy rain, use a rag or rag to dry it, open the window and let the floor dry naturally, or dry it with the cold air of a hair dryer.
When cleaning the solid wood floor, it is best to use a semi-dry non-drip rag or a mop with water to clean it. Do not use a mop with a lot of water, and do not use acid, alkali, gasoline and other organic solvents to clean.
If it is more difficult to clean, you can buy some special wood floor cleaning liquid, and then use a wrung rag or cotton mop to clean.
Wood floors have poor wear resistance, and sharp metal sharps, glass fragments, shoe spikes, etc. should be avoided. Wear soft shoes, walk barefoot, and place an insole at the door to avoid getting sand and scrubs on the ground and causing damage. Heavier furniture can be dragged directly into the solid wooden floor, and soft protective pads can be pasted on the feet of the furniture to avoid scratching the ground surface. If you accidentally cause scratches, you can use floor oil or polishing wax to treat.

The gloss of wood floors will decline over time, and it is recommended to wax once or twice a year. First wipe the floor clean, then apply floor wax with a rag, let it dry slightly on the floor, then wipe with a soft cloth.