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Is it better to mop the wooden floor dry or wet? Many people have got it wrong, so that it can be dried quickly without leaving stains


Now everyone’s living conditions are slowly getting better. Many families choose not only ceramic tiles but also wood panels when choosing flooring.

So why do people use wooden boards instead of tiles? That's because in terms of cleaning and use, wooden floors are more comfortable than tiles, especially those with children in the house.

There are still more ceramic tiles in rural areas, but commercial houses in some big cities often use wooden floors in home decoration. Wooden floors have a beautiful appearance and a comfortable foot feel.

But everything has advantages and disadvantages. Although wooden floors are more comfortable to step on, they are not resistant to dirt, and cleaning is usually troublesome! Especially the wooden floor has been used for a long time, it is more likely to get dirty, reduce the gloss, and lose the beauty. At this time, it needs to be cleaned and maintained.

We know that if the wooden floor is not mopped up in time after it is dipped in water, it will be prone to cracking and bubbling. If you mop the ground directly, it will always be dingy!

Is it better to mop the wooden floor dry or wet? Many people have got it wrong, so that it can be dried quickly without leaving stains

First, before mopping the wooden floor, clean it with a dry soft broom. For those small dust-like particles attached to the surface of the wooden board, directly mopping with a mop will not completely clean it, but will scratch the wooden floor.

Before mopping the floor, clean it carefully with a broom, so that you can sweep away the remaining dust particles and clean the ground dust deeply. It should be noted that the broom is best to use a soft broom to protect the floor.

Next, you can use a mop to wet the water, dry it a bit, then mop the floor, and then use a dry mop to mop it again, which can not only clean the floor twice, but also effectively wipe off the water. This kind of "wet mop and dry wipe" "The cleaning method is super clean.

Since cleaning wooden floors is so troublesome, is there a more convenient way?

The wooden floor is easy to accumulate water. If you use a cotton mop to mop the floor, you can mop the floor without wringing it dry. The floor is easy to get damp.

So the mop used is very important. I recommend this "electrostatic mop". This thing looks a little different from ordinary mops. In fact, after using it, I found out that this mop is extremely lethal to hair and small dust. ,very useful.

Only after using the right mop, it turns out that mopping the floor can save time and effort, and it is very clean!

This "Little Housework Expert" makes good use of the "housework" you don't want to do. It's like slinging on the mops of the past! In my opinion, it is cleaner than a vacuum cleaner, and has a lower investment threshold and cleaner than a sweeper. No need to plug in, no need to read instructions, no barriers to use, all ages can easily get started.

Use it to walk around once a day, and within a few minutes, the dirt, dust and hair on the ground can be covered. It is very easy, and even the money for vacuuming is saved.

The disposable mop is designed to be thrown away when used up and does not need to be repeatedly cleaned and used.

Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, counters and even glass windows can be cleaned in place, bringing great convenience to our lives.

The little friends who have used it really cannot do without it, which is called "Lazy Light"!

"The corners and corners can be wiped clean, so it's still super convenient after use"

"Super durable, the hair is absorbed cleanly"

"Necessary for pets at home, better than steam mop"

Easy to clean, a must for lazy people

Speaking of our daily mopping, the most common ones are cotton mops and sponge mops.

Except that it is not easy to control the humidity, it is wet everywhere when being dragged, and it must be cleaned when it is dragged halfway, otherwise it will drag the dirty water from one place to another, which is simply "ineffective cleaning" .

And this mop can be equipped with two kinds of "mops", one-time electrostatic dust removal dry wipes and one-time sterilization wipes.

Regardless of whether it is a disposable "mop", it is not at all tasteless when used, especially in terms of cleaning.

Sterilization wipes:

This sterile wipes first mop a large area, and the moisture content of the wipes is very high, a light squeeze will produce water, will not drag a few back and forth, it will not be mopped clean.

To meet the needs of general family living room and bedroom floor cleaning, footprints, water stains, oil stains, etc. can be easily erased.

Not only that, the wet wipes are also added with three bactericidal ingredients, which have a good inhibitory effect on common Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans.

Usually the baby at home likes to crawl on the ground and run around, parents can clean and sterilize the ground regularly, which saves worry and effort.

Sterilization wipes are made of non-woven fabrics with moderate thickness, softness and toughness. They are not only used for mopping the floor, but can also be used alone instead of traditional wipes to wipe tables, cabinets, stoves, etc.

Dust electrostatic dry towel:

Dust removal electrostatic dry towels can quickly absorb dust and hair on paper towels, which is really convenient for families with pets.

And when mopping the floor, the dust and hair will not fly around or drift in the wind, and they will all be absorbed on the dry towel.

Especially in the places where the hair is flooded in the bedroom and bathroom, with this dry towel, there is no need to pick it up, and there is no more trouble of hair entangled in mops and brooms!

You can also use dry wipes to remove dust first, and then use wet wipes to clean, which greatly enhances the cleaning effect.

Mopping the floor once is equivalent to doing vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and sterilizing all once, and then directly throw the used "mop" into the trash can, saving time and effort for cleaning!

It can be directly inserted under the sofa or bed, and there is no need to worry about dust and debris, no need to move the furniture, and it is super convenient to clean.

Table legs, corners and other corners that are difficult to clean can also be easily handled, and there are no dead corners to clean.

Before using the mop, just put the four corners of the "mop" into the slot and fix it, and it's ready to use!

After using it, pull the four corners off the tissue and throw it into the trash can.

The whole process of mopping does not require washing and repeated cleaning of the mop, and the paper can be replaced in the middle, which is really very convenient.

A variety of floor materials can be used

Dry and wet mix, clean the whole house in place

Whether it is wood floor, marble, ceramic tile, or cement surface, it can be used. For cleaning, this mop is basically not picky~

There are also bedroom hair, kitchen oil stains, living room dust, and even wall tiles and glass windows that were cleaned during the Chinese New Year. You can use it to clean.

And it has the blessing of electrostatic adsorption

The dust on the heights is concentrated in an instant

It's not easy to end up with you all over

Basically all the dust, hair, pet hair, grease and stains can be wiped out for you. The effect of dust removal and decontamination is really superb.

Mopping the floor is not tiring and easy to do housework. It will not occupy a seat when not in daily use

In short, the desktop, the wall, the ground... "Go up into the earth", it will do.

Such a mop can let you do all the housework easily, and the cleaning power is unprecedentedly high. It allows you to mop the floor less than ten times a month, helping you to free yourself from heavy housework!

Quickly master these good things that increase the sense of luxury in your home! Harvest full of happiness in life!