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There are several materials for wood floors


With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, people are becoming more strict with home decoration. No longer sticking to the traditional old form, there have been more changes in the choice of materials. So how many materials are there for wooden floors? Let's lead you to solve this problem together.
1. Solid wood flooring is characterized by being very environmentally friendly. It is usually made of a single piece of wood and does not require glue, so it is environmentally friendly and has the fragrance of wood.
Pineapple grids, round beans, etc. are relatively stable in wood flooring. From the perspective of cost performance, Panlongan, Niudun beans, etc. are particularly cost-effective.
If you like Chinese classical decoration, you can choose two-winged beans. If you are pursuing fashion trends, ash and oak are also good choices. But the disadvantage is that they are more expensive, usually used in high-end decoration, which can enhance the taste of decoration.
2. Three-layer solid wood composite floor This kind of floor is made of solid wood, through a special process, the three-layer solid wood floor is staggered and formed.
Its outer surface is usually harder wood, such as hardwood, cherry wood, ash, etc., while the inner core is filled with softer wood, such as pine and poplar.
Its advantage is that the price is relatively cheap, the bottom layer is made of a material with better density, and the layer is laminated through a special process, so it is rarely deformed.
3. Multi-layer solid wood composite floor. The surface of this kind of floor is treated with lacquer, which is usually not very environmentally friendly. But because they are made up of thinner wood chips interlaced, the price is relatively cheap and the stability is good.
In fact, when we decorate, solid wood is very expensive, and the stability is not good, and the three-layer solid wood material is more difficult to buy, so we actually use this material more.
4. Laminate flooring. The biggest feature of this kind of flooring is that it is very cheap, durable, and has excellent abrasion resistance. The appearance is also very beautiful, but a lot of glue is used in the production, which is prone to pollution.

Summary: The above are several materials of wood flooring, each with its own characteristics. According to your actual situation, you can choose the right floor. I hope it can help everyone.