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How to choose wood flooring


1. Solid wood flooring-a squeamish little public move
Pure solid wood flooring is a floor that is directly processed from a whole piece of wood. The biggest feature is that it is expensive!
Because it is a whole piece of wood, there is no need to glue it, and the environmental protection is first-class. Some potters with strong psychological hints may still smell the fresh log scent...
Because it is fresh and natural, good foot feel, heat preservation, pollution-free, excellent wood...Pure solid wood flooring enjoys a noble status in the flooring industry.
However, pure solid wood flooring directly uses a whole piece of high-quality wood, and the forest is inverted one by one... Generally, the growth cycle of high-quality wood is relatively long, so the country has strictly limited in recent years, and the price of pure solid wood flooring has soared.
In addition to the high price, it is also super fragrant ~ not wear-resistant, easily deformed by cold and heat, and the maintenance cost is high...
2. Three-layer solid wood composite floor-the first choice for a sufficient budget
The three-layer solid wood composite floor is made of three layers of solid wood veneers interlaced.
In other words, only the surface layer is the same high-quality hardwood as pure solid wood, such as beech, birch, ash...
The core layer is filled with some ordinary wood, such as pine, poplar, which has a short growth cycle and is generally woody.
The bottom plate is a peeling veneer. What is peeling veneer? The simple explanation is that thin pieces of wood are cut like a pencil, and small trees can also be cut into whole pieces, which are suitable for back cover.
Some solid wood composite surfaces are made of composite materials (the cross section of small trees is not wide enough)
The surface wood of the three-layer solid wood composite floor is 2mm thick, and the UV paint is brushed more than 5 times. Compared with the pure solid wood floor, the abrasion resistance is improved, and the maintenance difficulty is slightly reduced.
Although it is still made of wood directly, after three layers of solid wood are interlaced, it will not deform as easily as pure solid wood.
The three-layer design not only retains the foot feel and beauty of solid wood, but also reduces the price. The environmental protection is second only to solid wood flooring (formaldehyde comes from viscose, and the three layers use less viscose)
However! Not easy to buy! There are more than 20 domestic manufacturers of three-layer solid wood composite flooring, which only produce 12 million square meters each year, 70% of which are exported to Europe and the United States!
3. Multi-layer solid wood composite flooring-the solid wood flooring mentioned by domestic sellers mostly refers to it
You may have discovered that our order of introduction is from expensive to cheap, from environmental protection to unenvironmental protection, from squeamish to durable...
Therefore, the multi-layer solid wood composite uses several layers of paint more than the three layers, and the environmental protection is reduced, and each layer is interlaced with thin wood chips, the price is reduced, and the stability is increased.
In our actual decoration process, pure solid wood is delicate and expensive, and the output of three-layer solid wood composite is low and it is difficult to buy. Therefore, the commonly known "solid wood flooring" on the market is mostly multi-layer solid wood composite flooring.
It has various advantages of solid wood and is a relatively popular solid wood flooring consumer product, but it needs to pay attention to check its environmental protection. The national standard E1 floor requires the average formaldehyde emission to be less than 1.5mg/L.
4. Laminate flooring-the cheapest and most durable
The "composite flooring" often referred to in the market generally refers to the "composite flooring", not solid wood.
The surface layer is super wear-resistant, strong in hardness, and the material is aluminum oxide (melamine is also used, but it does not meet environmental protection standards).
Under the wear-resistant layer is a decorative layer, and the paper is printed with wood grains or other patterns imitating precious tree species. therefore! The pattern of laminate flooring is very rich, and the choice is very large!
But because the patterns are printed, each pattern is the same, not as varied as solid wood. This is also a coup to recognize solid wood flooring and laminate flooring.
Although the reinforced composite is wear-resistant, stable, and diverse, the base layer in the middle is MDF fiberboard, and a large amount of viscose is used in the production process, which makes people have to worry about its environmental protection.
Like the solid wood composite floor above, it is impossible without formaldehyde, as long as it meets the E1 standard, it can be used with peace of mind.
By the way, having floor heating and laying the floor will accelerate the release of formaldehyde!
Since laminate flooring is the closest to our public's consumption capacity for flooring, let's just talk about buying and selling.
First of all, a good reinforced composite, the pattern on the surface is relatively clear and natural, close to solid wood.
Secondly, the smaller the density board particles, the denser the compaction and the better the quality. Intuitively, the heavier is better.
5. Bamboo and wood flooring-a niche choice
The bamboo floor itself is easily deformed and susceptible to insects. Although it is environmentally friendly, it cannot be used at home.
The bamboo wood floor is a kind of composite floor whose surface is bamboo filled with cheap wood, and the principle is similar to that of solid wood composite.
The surface pattern of bamboo is quite special, and the bamboo itself is warm in winter and cool in summer, making it an interesting choice, and it has gradually been accepted by the public in recent years.
6. Cork flooring-the first choice for foot feel
What is cork? A wine stopper is a cork stopper.
Cork flooring is hailed as "consumption at the apex of the floor's pyramid." Compared with solid wood flooring, it is more environmentally friendly, soundproof, and moisture-proof, giving people an excellent foot feel.
The disadvantage is that the lack of lacquer leads to poor wear resistance, and the price is relatively expensive, generally at 300 yuan/square meter.
The density of cork flooring is divided into three levels: 400kg-450kg/cubic meter; 450kg-500kg/cubic meter; greater than 500kg/cubic meter. 400kg-450kg/cubic meter is sufficient for general households.

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