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How to clean wooden floors


There are many floor decoration materials on the market today, and wood flooring is one of them. So the question is, how to clean the wooden floor? Let's get to know it together.
1. Don't throw away the expired milk at home in a hurry. It can not only clean the floor, but also maintain the effect. If you accidentally get stubborn dirt on the floor, you can pour milk on it. After standing for a few minutes, the dirt on the floor can be cleaned up.
2. When the floor is accidentally stained with oil, we can use edible salt to clean the floor. After all, it is very difficult to clean the oil with tap water. At this point, we can sprinkle salt on the oily place, wait a few minutes, and then wipe the floor clean with a rag, so that the oil on the floor will fall off. You know, salt can dissolve grease, so as to achieve a thorough cleaning effect.
3. In normal times, we can also use Taomi Shui to clean the floor. Rice soup is a pure natural detergent. It has no chemicals. Cleaning the floor with a curing agent can not only avoid static electricity, but we can also smell the rice. For this reason, don't waste Taomi Shui.
4. Of course, in addition to this, bath soap has strong decontamination and degreasing capabilities, and it can also be used to clean floors. And you can also use a diluted laundry soap solution to wipe the floor. It can not only remove the dirt on the floor, but also restore the gloss of the floor. The floor looks cleaner and brighter, and the house is full of soap smell, which is very effective.
5. I believe that we will use laundry detergent in the process of washing clothes. In addition to washing clothes, it can also be used to clean the floor. It's very simple, just put the laundry detergent in water and mix well to clean the floor. It can not only clean the dirt on the floor, but also bring a fragrance.

Summary: After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone has a better understanding of how to clean wooden floors.