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What problems should be paid attention to in the maintenance of solid wood flooring?


More and more families choose wooden floors when decorating. However, the floor cannot be left alone after it has been laid, and the subsequent maintenance of the floor is also crucial to prolong its service life. So, how to maintain and clean solid wood flooring? The following editor of Jeda Flooring introduces the maintenance knowledge of solid wood flooring.
1. After the solid wood floor is laid, it should be checked and accepted within three days, and the indoor relative humidity should be maintained at 50-60% for ten days. If you do not live temporarily after paving, be sure to keep the room ventilated, or frequently open the humidifier for adjustment and maintenance, otherwise the air may shrink and crack due to too dry air. Do not cover the floor with plastic sheets, newspapers, etc.
2. Keep the solid wood floor dry and clean, avoid flooding, rain, and damp. If the floor surface is stained, you can wipe it with a wrung cotton mop. Do not wipe it with a wet cloth mop, alkaline water, soapy water and other corrosive liquids, gasoline, flammable materials, and high-temperature liquids.
3. Solid wood floors are waxed every three to six months. The method is to clean the floor with a semi-dry rag and wax it. To evenly spread the floor surface and make it "soaked", after a little dry, wipe the floor back and forth with a soft dry cloth until it is smooth and translucent. If the slippers in your home have no anti-slip force, please pay attention to non-slip after waxing.
4. During the maintenance of solid wood floor, if you accidentally pour water or leave water on the ground, you must wipe it clean with a dry soft cloth in time
5. When maintaining the solid wood floor, prevent long-term sun exposure, direct sunlight and strong winds to avoid rapid drying of the floor, which may cause the solid wood floor to shrink in size, end cracking and discoloration.
6. Do not throw cigarette butts or matches on the floor to avoid scorching the surface of the floor. Avoid scratching the board with sharp and pointed objects.
7. When the solid wood floor is maintained, overweight items should be placed steadily. Furniture and heavy objects should not be pushed or pulled rigidly, and should be lifted and moved with care.
8. During the maintenance of solid wood floor, if the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, the humidity should be properly adjusted to avoid the shrinkage and cracking of the floor due to the air being too dry. Humidity can be adjusted with a humidity regulator or indoor hydroponic plants, which is healthy and beautiful.
The above are the precautions for the maintenance of solid wood floors. "Three points for floors, seven points for maintenance". The maintenance of solid wood floors is particularly important. When the solid wood floors are maintained, only by paying attention to the above matters, the service life of solid wood floors can be longer.