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The introduction of the teak wood flooring


Teak(teak wood flooring) is known as the "king of ten thousand trees" and has always been the first choice for luxury palaces, luxury villas, luxury cruise ships, luxury yachts and luxury car interiors all over the world. Teak, recognized as the best flooring wood in the world, is the only wood that can withstand seawater erosion and sun exposure without bending and cracking.

In recent years, artificial teak(teak wood flooring) has been planted on the market. As the name suggests, artificial planting is artificial cultivation. Due to the short growth cycle, artificial teak(teak wood flooring) can generally become useful in more than ten or twenty years, while natural forest teak can become useful in at least fifty or sixty years. In this way, the price difference of finished products is naturally wide, so for consumers who buy Teak flooring, Naturally, it increases the difficulty.