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The definition of the teak wood flooring


(teak wood flooring)Teak (teak), Verbenaceae, is a famous precious wood recognized in the world, of which Thailand and Myanmar are the best. Because Thailand has banned logging, it is the top grade imported from Myanmar.(teak wood flooring) Teak has been growing for more than 50-60 years from growth to timber, with slow growth period, high density and hardness, and is not easy to wear; Teak is rich in iron and oil, which make it not easy to deform, insect proof, ant proof, acid-base proof, especially moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, and has a natural mellow smell. Beautiful ink lines and colorful oil shadows constitute the unique natural texture of teak; What's more magical is that its polished surface color can be oxidized into golden yellow through photosynthesis, and the color becomes more beautiful with the extension of time.

Because teak(teak wood flooring) has such excellent characteristics, many well preserved ancient buildings at all times, at home and abroad are almost decorated with teak. On the most prosperous beach in China, those long-standing and beautiful buildings (such as HSBC, customs building, Peace Hotel, etc.) are decorated with teak(teak wood flooring). Although they have gone through centuries, they are still intact and bright as new. In Europe and America, teak is not only a decorative material, but also a value-added commodity, but also a symbol of luxury and wealth.