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Teak wood flooring's origin


1、 Origin of the teak wood flooring
The best teak flooring on the market is Myanmar teak flooring. Teak is native to Thailand, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. Thailand banned the export of teak logs in the 1980s. Therefore, Myanmar is the best market circulation field. Authentic Myanmar teak flooring is basically teak from natural virgin forest, with excellent material quality!

2、 Other markets of the teak wood flooring
Although teak also exists outside Myanmar and Thailand, due to the different growth conditions such as soil and climate in the planting area, the material and texture are greatly reduced. For example, the characteristics of authentic teak such as oily, black fine line and teak aroma are greatly reduced or almost none. The oil rich and moist characteristics of authentic teak have been lost, and the material is relatively dry. Therefore, the nominal "African teak", "South American teak", "Indonesian teak" and "Brazilian teak" are actually not real teak.

(teak wood flooring)As Thailand has long banned the cutting of teak and restricted the export of teak, the Thai teak in the natural virgin forest hardly exists in the market. There are some teak imported from Thailand. It is basically the kind of plantation teak in Thailand that has a long cycle and can become useful in about 10 years. The possibility of primitive forest is very small. Teak has been planted artificially in some areas with a climate close to Southeast Asia in China.
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