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The superiority of the teak wood flooring


1. The teak wood flooring naturally contains heavy oil, which can prevent moisture, insects and ants. Teak has been cut down for a month. Due to the improvement of nutrition, it plays a role in preventing moths. It is also particularly resistant to corrosion. Teak has an example of Millennium non-corrosion.

2. (teak wood flooring)The micro pinhole stable structure makes the teak solid wood floor have both strength and toughness and good stability. The normal hard miscellaneous wood floor will expand greatly in winter within two years, with a gap of 3-4 mm; And in summer, it shrinks and drums, which is easy to make noise. Teak solid wood floor has good stability.

3. The teak wood flooring has Classic color, golden brown to dark brown, soft ink lines, beautiful oil shadow, forming a variety of texture structures, atmospheric and elegant.

4.(teak wood flooring) The unique mellow aroma of teak can prevent insects, ants, acids, alkalis and rot. The unique fragrance has a soothing effect on the brain nerves of middle-aged and elderly people and promotes sleep.

5. The color becomes more and more beautiful with the passage of time.
teak wood flooring