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How to identify the teak wood flooring


1、 Self promotion method of the teak wood flooring
Pass the same tree species as Myanmar teak. The market is mainly marked with "Indonesia teak", "Africa teak", "South America teak", "Brazil teak", "Malaysia teak", "Nigeria teak" and "Guyana teak". In fact, even if it belongs to the same tree species, its texture and price vary greatly due to different places of origin. What's more, it is not teak tree species at all, and the price varies further. These teak trees in Africa and America have different climates in the planting areas, short growth cycles, and can become timber after 10 years of age. The oil quality has decreased a lot. They have lost the oil-rich characteristics of teak, and the material is dry and easy to crack. Therefore, the wood floor processed with "African teak" or "South American teak" is actually not a real teak floor.

2、 Impersonation substitution method of the teak wood flooring
Fake Myanmar teak with tree species with similar or similar texture and density. Black heart Manglietia is the most in the market, posing as Myanmar teak, which is difficult for outsiders to identify.

3、 Fictitious name method of the teak wood flooring
Teak is a precious wood. Many miscellaneous trees in the market are crowned with "* * teak" to improve their value, such as "Indonesian teak", "African teak", "South American teak", "Golden Teak", "teak king" and "teak sandalwood", which have nothing to do with the authentic Myanmar teak flooring. What's more, it is called "Thai pomelo", but it hardly exists in the market because Thailand prohibits logging.