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How to distinguish the real teak wood flooring(1)


Consumers can know the three methods of teak wood flooring counterfeiting, but they should pay attention to distinguish when buying. The following are some methods to identify true and false teak flooring. Most of the identification methods are based on plain board or unsealed paint on the back. If all the paint is sealed and some hands and feet are made in the process, it is difficult to distinguish.

1、 Look at the texture of the teak wood flooring
There are obvious ink lines and oil spots on the real teak floor; False teak floor or no ink line or ink line is shallow and scattered.

2、 Touch it with your own hands(teak wood flooring)
The real teak floor feels slippery and feels very delicate, as if it had been soaked in oil; The fake teak floor is obviously rough.

3、 Smell the teak wood flooring
The real teak floor emits a special smell. If there is a large amount of teak and even the whole exhibition hall is full of teak, you can smell this smell when you go in. This smell is very comfortable; The fake teak floor either has no fragrance or has a bad smell.

4、 Weigh of the teak wood flooring
The fiber density of real teak floor is about 0.67 to 0.73g/cm3, which is lighter than rosewood, but heavier than hemlock, with a sense of moderation; And false teak floor is generally biased.
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