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The pros and cons of Walnut Wood Flooring


The advantages of Walnut Wood Flooring

(1) The color of walnut is elegant, the texture is clear, and it has an extraordinarily delicate wood grain. The floors made of walnut are generally more elegant and generous.
(2) The moisture content of walnut is very low, so the floor made of walnut has little degree of shrinkage and swelling, and the impact on the environment is small, and generally there is no cracking.
(3) Walnut Wood Flooring are not prone to cracking, deformation, etc., and have strong durability and can be used for a long time.
(4) The hot-pressing performance of the walnut floor is very strong, and the corrosion resistance is also very strong.

Walnut Wood Flooring

2. Disadvantages of walnut floors

(1) The price of walnut wood flooring is relatively high, and the decoration cost is more expensive for ordinary families, and not all families can afford it.
(2) The structure of walnut wood is not as strict as that of mahogany, so its compression and bending resistance can only be regarded as moderate.
(3) In daily use, the walnut floor needs careful care and maintenance, so as to prolong its life.
(4) The sapwood of walnut is easily damaged by the beetle, its resistance to bending and compression is moderate, and its resistance is poor.