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The advantages of solid wood floors


Sound and heat insulation
The solid wood floor has a harder material, a meticulous wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, and the effect of blocking sound and heat is better than cement, ceramic tile and steel. Therefore, the wooden floor has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, reducing sound pressure, shortening the reverberation time, and reducing the pollution effect of noise pollution.
Regulate humidity
The wood characteristics of solid wood floors are that when the climate is dry, the moisture inside the wood is released; when the climate is humid, the wood will absorb the moisture in the air. By absorbing and releasing moisture, the wooden floor can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity.
Warm in winter and cool in summer
The thermal conductivity of wood is small, and it has the effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer (the thermal insulation effect is very good). In winter, the temperature of the solid wood floor is 8°C~10°C higher than that of the ceramic tile, and people walk on the wooden floor without feeling cold; in summer, the room temperature of the solid wood floor is 2℃~3℃ lower than the room temperature where the tiles are laid.
green harmless
The solid wood floor material is taken from the virgin forest, and it is painted with non-volatile wear-resistant paint. From the wood species to the paint surface, it is green and harmless. It does not have radiation like tiles, nor formaldehyde like laminate floors. It is natural green and harmless. Ground building materials.