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How to maintain oak wood flooring


Oak wood flooring is a solid wood floor or solid wood multi-layer floor made of oak after slicing. Oak is a very popular tree species, with straight and slightly staggered texture, medium structure, heavy and hard wood, high strength and toughness; good stability . It has a beautiful natural texture and is highly decorative after being made into a floor product, which can be matched with various styles of decoration. So, how should oak floors be maintained? Let me take you a detailed look at it below.

Very practical oak wood flooring maintenance methods:

1. For the cleaning of dust on the oak floor, first of all, all other items on the floor should be cleaned up. Then use a vacuum cleaner, dusting paper or mop to remove dust, hair, and cobwebs from the floor surface, under furniture, and corners. If the surface is not polished, it is not suitable for contact with water. It is best to try it in an inconspicuous place and use it in a large area after confirming that there is no problem.

2. If you want to avoid long-term trampling and wear on the oak floor, and keep the luster and bright, after the floor is cleaned, you can apply a layer of wood floor wax maintenance agent. Be sure to wait for the floor to be completely air-dried before waxing, so as to prevent the wax layer from completely adhering to the wood. On the floor, this makes the floor appear little white spots. And it is best to use a flat sponge mop, so as not to leave the cotton wool of the general mop on the floor with the agent.

3. Regularly oil and wax the oak wood flooring (usually two to three months), so that the wooden floor can remain bright for a long time (before waxing, the floor must be thoroughly cleaned without leaving any water stains, only This will ensure the quality of waxing.)

4. Try to avoid scratches on the oak wood flooring by sharp objects. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good habit in daily living, so as not to drag heavy objects on the wooden floor, and change shoes (preferably with soft soles) when entering the house, so as not to bring foreign objects home.

5. Wood is combustible, so pay attention to keeping the wooden floor away from fire sources. Fire is the biggest nemesis of wooden floors. Cigarette butts, burning small notes, etc. will bring irreparable damage to wooden floors. Also, note that the floor surface should be cleaned in time.