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What are the advantages of oak flooring


For many friends who are well-off, most of the floor decoration materials are wooden floors. The reason is that wooden floors are comfortable and environmentally friendly. The topic I want to share with you today is still related to wooden floors.
First of all, I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of oak flooring.
Advantages of oak floor 1: Both visual and tactile are good, the oak raw material itself, it has a mountain-shaped texture with bright colors, and a good touch.
Advantages of oak floor 2: good toughness and solidity The floor made of oak can be transformed into various shapes through technological means, which is full of beauty. And the internal structure of the wood is solid and not easy to be damaged.

Advantages of oak floor 3: High cost performance, many large international wineries generally use oak as a good product for wine storage, which is to pay attention to its corrosion resistance and non-absorbent properties. Oak floors have advantages and disadvantages. The domestic sales price of oak floors is high, and the supply is less. The important reason is that the raw materials of oak flooring are mostly imported from abroad, the cost is high, and the finished product is naturally expensive. In addition, because the raw materials have been preliminarily processed abroad, they are prone to deformation and cracking during storage. Then the advantages of oak flooring are introduced here.