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What color furniture goes with walnut floors? That's how it goes!


Wooden furniture generally has a strong sense of hierarchy, and most wooden objects, compared with other materials, the overall high-grade will also look very high, and some people's house decoration, what they do is to say the grade Therefore, the use of wooden furniture is more in line with their idea, but it is just some objects, because the color level is more attractive, so it must be properly matched, so what color furniture should walnut floors match? How to choose walnut floor?
What color furniture goes with walnut floors
Naturally, it is light tones or warm tones, so the overall look is not easy to make the interior space feel oppressive, and the color is too dark, giving people the feeling of being unable to release. Including milky white and light yellow, all in all, the color does not need to be too dark. If the light in the home is used well, it means that the sun can illuminate the house on a large scale, and warm colors are recommended.
1. The adjacent colors match. For example, if you choose light-colored antique furniture and doors, some fashionable homes will choose dark brown black walnut floor color, which will produce a unique and harmonious contrast with the light red furniture and doors. Adjacent colors match, and should be used with caution under normal circumstances. Colors must have technical professional eyes or be strictly checked by authoritative experts. Colors not only have obvious actual effects, but also have a harmonious effect.
2. Match the same color. If you choose furniture and doors dominated by dark red, you can use dark brown black walnut floors to match. Matching the same color, the interior decoration style is serious and meticulous, orderly and airy.
3. Match the color tones. For example, furniture and doors with black walnut veneer panels can be matched with dark brown black walnut floors. The color matching, the interior decoration style looks cheerful, harmonious and elegant.
4. The color of the black walnut floor is the key to match the interior decoration style and core concept of all the homes. For example, in a simple interior decoration style, you should choose light-colored furniture and door decoration designs to make your home decoration style refreshing and elegant. For the classical interior decoration style, you should choose dark-colored wood floors or antique-style wood floors, so as to ensure that your home decoration style is antique and antique.
How to choose walnut floor
1. Remove all the floors, check whether they are the same green plants, and then check the surface of the wooden floor for mildew, rot, insects, dead knots, cracks, and deformation.
2. Check the color cast, and choose a floor plate with a small color cast as much as possible.
3. Check the moisture content of the floor.
4. Check the surface smoothness. First, check whether there are bubbles and black spots on the surface, and whether the paint layer is plump. Then put a lit tobacco on the floor surface to see if it will show burn marks. If the smoothness of the floor is weak, the abrasion resistance and flame retardant grade of the floor are very poor.
5. Check the surface strength. Scratch the floor with your fingernails. If there are obvious scratches, it means that the paint is not well resolved and the wear resistance is weak.

The key point of the content is what color furniture should be matched with walnut floors? The actual detailed introduction of how to choose the walnut floor, the furniture made of wooden raw materials is not easy to be low on the level, so when applying, you can feel at ease, naturally only pay attention to the raw materials, and do not care about some aspects of good matching No, in order to make the house look good in general, you have to care about all areas.