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How to maintain the oak floor


1. If there is dust on the oak floor, clean all other items on the floor first, then use a vacuum cleaner, dusting paper or mop to remove dust, hair and cobwebs from the floor surface, under furniture and corners. If the oak floor surface is not polished, it is best not to touch water.
2. If you want to avoid long-term wear and tear of the oak floor and keep the luster bright, after the floor is cleaned, you can apply a layer of wood floor wax maintenance agent, and you must wait until the floor is air-dried before waxing, so that the wax layer cannot be completely attached to the floor. There are some white spots on the floor.
3. Oil and wax the oak floor on time (usually 2-3 months), so that the wooden floor can remain bright for a long time (before waxing, the wooden floor must be completely cleaned without water marks to ensure the quality of waxing.)
4. Avoid sharp objects scratching the oak floor. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good habit in daily life, do not drag heavy wooden floors, and change shoes (preferably soft soles) when entering the house.
5. Wood is flammable, any possible burning of cigarette butts and small strips may cause irreparable damage to the wooden floor, so the oak floor should be kept away from fire.

The above is a summary of some precautions about the maintenance of oak floors, you can try it.