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How about walnut wood floors


Hardwood, with a maturity period of more than 50 years to hundreds of years, is a world-renowned interior decoration material and one of the three most valuable tree species in the Northeast. Walnut, walnut, etc. are actually all of the same tree species. This material grows in both northern and southern China, among which Northeast China has the best texture. The hardness of walnut wood is medium to slightly hard and heavy, the fiber structure is fine and uniform, and it has strong toughness, especially in terms of anti-vibration and anti-wear performance, and has a certain resistance to bending and corrosion, but the sapwood needs to be painted to prevent termite. Due to the high value of walnut craftsmanship, it is also widely cultivated in Western Europe and near the Mediterranean Sea, and has become a precious international furniture and decoration material. Its preciousness is as famous as mahogany.